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"Explore the new world."

In the year 2XXX, a great war between mighty powers devastated the existing civilizations, and some people sought refuge in bunkers.
500 years passed, and with the radiation levels outside decreasing, the doors of the bunkers were opened.
The people inside, who had been isolated from the world for so long, were eager to explore the completely transformed world after the war.

The outside world now housed mutants resulting from the radiation and various civilizations. There was an empire echoing the medieval era,
a magical state that worshipped electricity as the source of magic, primitive tribes living in harmony with nature and practicing shamanism,
and an oilpunk group skilled in machinery. 
This new and diverse world awaited the explorers from the bunker.

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Deck-building Text RPG

SHAMBLES allows you to progress the story through choices and battles with cards.
Experience a vast deck-building text RPG with countless illustrations, over 100 endings, and hundreds of card types.

You can adjust your character's attributes and status to develop and grow. Additionally, with equipment and skills,
you can play the game with a new strategy every time.






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