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SHAMBLES Game Introduction

​"멸망 후, 500년 뒤의 세상"

Become an explorer emerging from the bunker and venture into a new world that has evolved over 500 years.
Encounter various tales and intriguing events firsthand.
You have the power to either lead the world once more to its doom or guide it towards peace. Everything depends on your choices.

"The Maddened Outside World"

The world you'll explore in SHAMBLES is vastly different from the one we once knew.

Following the great war 500 years ago, which resulted in the destruction of the previous civilizations, new civilizations emerged.
These include an empire echoing the medieval era, a new nation that uses electricity as if it were magic, primitive tribes that worship nature,
city-states that deal with oil and machinery, and new races born from radiation mutations.
These diverse forces precariously coexist in this new world.

"Countless illustrations and epic narratives"

SHAMBLES is a game that combines text RPG, deck-building, and roguelike elements.

You will become an explorer from the bunker, venturing into the world, encountering numerous stories along the way.
Make choices on how to act in given situations and accomplish your missions.

"Combat through Cards and Skills"

When combat begins, it unfolds as a turn-based battle using your deck.
You must achieve victory in combat by using the appropriate skills and cards for the situation.

"Skills, Equipment, and Stats"

In Shambles, your strategy will vary depending on which stats you invest in, which equipment you wear, and which skills you equip.
Combine over 600 types of cards, equipment, and skills to create your unique strategy, and invest in stats to make your character powerful.

The outside world has changed significantly from what you once knew.
As someone from the bunker encountering this world for the first time, you wish to document it.
Create a compendium of this uncharted world with new creatures, the people you meet, collected books, and journals.
Collect the endings of various stories as well.

"Records of the World"